Outsourcing your ads to a specialist Facebook ads strategist is a big leap to take. 

So what difference will it make? And is it really worth the extra investment?

Well, if you want your marketing budget to work harder for your business, the answer is a great big fat YES!

A professional, specialist ads strategist will make a difference in five very important ways:

1. They’ll save you time by doing the groundwork

A good ads strategist will put in the groundwork to set your ads up for success – saving you valuable time and money in the long run.

They’ll get to know you, your business, your goals and your ideal customer.

They’ll ask you about the lifetime value of a customer so that, together, you can set a realistic budget to bring in that business. No more wasting money!

Your ads manager will audit previous ads performance (if you have ran ads before) and look at how well your website and landing pages are converting. Could this part of the customer journey be improved to maximise the number of leads?

The result? When they start to run and test ads, you’ll be on firm ground, making the process quicker, clearer and much, much cheaper!

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve gone into existing ad accounts and found rookie mistakes – poor objective setting and ad set up, optimisation, budget distribution and lack of funnelling.

I’ve been running ads for over 9 years now and have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on ads for my clients. Some of the biggest ad mistake offenders are the big agencies (shh, don’t tell them I said that!).

2. They’ll find new customers  

A good ads manager (like me!) will put a lot of time and care into researching and building the right audiences for your ads.

First, they’ll look at ‘warm’ audiences – people who already know your products and services, such as your website visitors and people who engage  with you on Facebook and Instagram.

Then they’ll create ‘prospecting’ cold audiences (people who are likely to be interested in your products or service) to seek out completely new customers.

You never know what audiences are going to perform best for your business until you TEST. A great Ads Manager will know this. For many of my clients, interest based audiences work really well. For others, it’s lookalikes of an existing customer database or email list – or a combination of the both!

For local service-based home improvement businesses such as Bespoke Kitchen and Bathroom Companies, Garden Pod Providers, Landscapers, Plumbing Companies, and Construction Businesses, it’s often the Broad Geographical audiences that work the best.

When a good combination of audiences have been tested, it’s time to scale those ads. Increasing the budget whilst maintaining results. This can be even trickier than finding the right audiences in the first place!

A good Ads Strategist will hold your hand throughout the whole process and let you know when it’s time to scale, and what the next growth steps are.

But that’s not all…

3. They’ll bring back window shoppers

We know that home improvement companies often have long lead times. People shop around, people get ideas, they go away, they chat, they save, life happens.

Perhaps you’ve paid for a potential customer to see your ads, they’ve even visited your website, taken a look at your previous projects. BUT, they haven’t left an enquiry … yet. But 6 months later? They have the money together, they are in a position and have the time and headspace to commit to getting the work done.

A good Ads funnel will bring back these potential customers to ensure that your business always remains top of their mind! So when they’re all set, they can easily contact you and remember your company name.

This reminds me of a call I had with one of my Bespoke Kitchen clients last week. He was calling on-site of a £38k job he was doing from an ad last Summer! Not only do Facebook Ads generate leads in real-time, but they’re also building up your brand and building your funnel for the year ahead too!

4. They’ll make your ad budget go further

Facebook ads and Instagram ads are all about testing. 

Your ads manager will test different images, headlines, copy and calls to action. They’ll also compare different audiences. 

This enables them to find the most cost-effective ways of reaching the right people and getting them to take the actions you want them to take.

They’ll explain where your money is going, what’s working, and the impact it’s having. 

Plus, they’ll cut through the Facebook fog and give you all the info you need in jargon-free language. I like to keep things simple with my clients. No messy words here, just plain English!

5. They’ll know what to do if things go wrong (and when they go very right!)

So your ads are bringing in business – and then they stall. Or perhaps costs start to edge up. It can be a worrying time.

But fear not. Your ads strategist will be confident about troubleshooting these issues as they arise. 

They’ll be able to diagnose a problem and fix it so that your money doesn’t disappear down the drain.

And what about when things go right? How do you make hay while the sun shines? 

Your ads manager will know how to scale your ads for greater success – whether by increasing spend on the ads that work best or broadening the campaign to bring in a wider range of people. 

And, of course, they’ll test everything they do at every stage, making sure they’re making the right decisions to get you the best value from your ad spend.

If these are the kind of differences you’d like to see in your business, let’s talk! Pop me a message to arrange your free chat!