Just getting started out on Facebook? Not sure what to post? Or maybe you have had a business page for a while and you just aren’t getting any traction?

Where ever you are in your Facebook journey, there is one thing you CANNOT forget, and that’s ENGAGEMENT.

Back in early 2018, Facebook made a big announcement in the way it’s algorithms would be sorting out business posts. This annoucement basically told us marketers that interactions and engagement, where going to be the biggest factor in getting good results on Facebook.

So what do we mean by ‘engagement’?

Once you have posted something out of Facebook, you really cannot just forget about it. If someone engages with your post, or ad, RESPOND to them. Comment back, start a conversation. This is particularly important for small businesses with a small or non-existance following – it’s how you build up. If you engage with the first few people that are interacting with your business, then it shows Facebook that there are people interested in your posts and what you say. If you repeated;y post on Facebook and no-one interacts, then Facebook will show you posts to less people, because it thinks it’s irrelevant and no one is interested.

Commenting back, engaging in conversation and building up relationships with anyone interacting with your business, will also encourage them to comment in the future. A lot of people simply like that interaction online. The more comments, and engagement you can get, the better. The more people will see your post, and the more Facebook will show your posts.

So remember, engagement really is KING on Facebook! You cannot be successful without it. If you are a business that has a very loyal offline following, Facebook will work very well for you. People love to get involved and engage. So respond back, ask questions that you know will encourage comments – and don’t just reply with emojis – use words and sentences to get the best engagement.

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